Fulbright Awards for Filipinos

Graduate Student Program

Scholarship to Filipinos to study at the graduate level (master's or doctoral studies) or pursue non-degree doctoral enrichment or doctoral dissertation research in the United States.

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Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP)

Established on December 15, 1999, the Fulbright-Philippine Agriculture Scholarship Program (FPASP), a five-year program, uses U.S. Public Law 480 Food for Peace Program funds to develop human resources from the Philippine agricultural and fisheries sectors.

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Fulbright-Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)

Introduced in the Philippines in 2004, the FLTA Program has aimed to strengthen foreign language instruction at U.S. educational institutions since 1968 by establishing a native speaker presence.

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Advanced Research and/or University Lecturing Program

Fellowships to Filipino academics and professionals to lecture and/or conduct research in the United States.

These awards are given to academics for conducting research or lecturing in the United States. Awards cover travel, tuition, stipend, books, and professional activities, and health and accident insurance. All fields are eligible except medicine, nursing, engineering, applied mathematics, and applied sciences.

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