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Deo Suasin

Deo Suasin Deo Suasin

Home Institution: Silliman University
Host Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Award Name: Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program
Discipline: Language Teaching
Award Year: 2023

Deo Mar E. Suasin is a licensed professional teacher at Silliman University. He is assigned as a foreign language teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. His inspiration in pursuing this Fulbright scholarship is to share the beauty of the Filipino language and culture with others to promote and develop intercultural communicative competence, cultural awareness, and sensitivity.

Deo Mar earned a degree in Secondary Education, major in English from Silliman University, and is completing a Master’s in English at the same institution. He teaches oral communication skills, academic reading and writing, and research courses at the Senior High School department. At the same time, he serves as the secretariat of the SU Language Learning Center and teaches Korean and Japanese students at the Center’s Intensive English Program. He is also a staff member of the annual SU National Writers Workshop. Moreover, he has presented at local and international research conferences and published a research article and note in an academic journal. Some of his research interests include writing pedagogy, sociolinguistics, and discourse analysis.

Outside of work, Deo Mar volunteers as a sign language interpreter for the Deaf and enjoys gardening house plants.