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Dianne Erika D. Mortera

Dianne MorteraSchool Affiliation: Far Eastern University – Manila
Address: 1705 Road 1, Brgy. 903, Punta, Santa Ana, Manila City
Mobile number: 0927 840 8821
Birthdate: October 28, 1999

I. Biosketch
Dianne Erika D. Mortera was born in Makati City, Philippines, on October 28, 1999. She is currently an undergraduate student at Far Eastern University. Growing up, Mortera had high regard for education due to her parents and teachers' influence, which led her to be academically achieving from a young age. She was a student at Makati Science High School, which exposed her to the world of science and mathematics. However, the history classes she took in high school matched with her interest in international politics from watching television since she was young, sparked her interest in the social sciences, particularly in international studies, which eventually led to her pursuing this in college. In the future, she hopes to work in the field, particularly in foreign policy.

II. Education
a. Bachelor’s Degree
    i. Far Eastern University – Manila, Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (International Relations and Diplomacy Track)
b. Training/Leadership workshops
    i. MarkProf Foundation, 2020 - A business, marketing and sales bootcamp of future leaders taught by corporate executives of leading MNCs in the country.
    ii. UMAP-COIL 2020 (Kansai University, Japan), 2020 – An international program on Sustainable Development Goals, International Relations and Culture.
    iii. Kaya Natin Academy for Young Leaders, 2020 – Training on democracy, civic participation and civil societies for youth leaders
c. Awards
    i. Outstanding Freshman Student, FEU Student Development, 2019
    ii. Outstanding Delegate, 44th YMCA National Congress of College Students, 2019
    iii. Best Speaker and Grandfinalist, 44th YMCA National Congress of College Students – Debate Competition, 2019
    iv. Octofinalist, National Debate Championship 2019
v. Dean’s Lister (Far Eastern University) – 2018-2019

III. Skills/Other Areas of Interest
a. Skills
    i. Critical Thinking, Communication, Project Management, Collaboration and Digital Literacy
b. Areas of Interest
    i. International Relations, Foreign Policy, Human Rights, International Development and Culture