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Dr. Precy Magtoto

Dr. Precy Magtoto Dr. Precy Magtoto, DVM, is completing her PhD in Microbiology at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, and will complete her doctoral dissertation in the United States.

The scholarship will help me achieve my short-term goals of capping off my doctorate degree in Microbiology with a cutting-edge dissertation and be trained by high caliber researchers and mentors in the USA. I am confident that the generous support of the accepting university in the USA will help me work with like-minded scientists to produce relevant and world-class research work. My medium-term goal would be to carry out my research project in collaboration with the important stakeholders. The connections that will be forged by the scholarship program will not end after my brief stay in the USA. I would be honored to still be able to reach fellow scientists and mentors as I pursue important research and extension activities in my home country. Lastly, the scholarship program will seal a prestigious badge on my skills and expertise. The transfer of world-class knowledge and skills and exposure to latest technology in my professional field will better equip me for my career growth as well as my stint as an instructor in a public university