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Emily Salcedo

Emily SalcedoProfessor

De La Salle University

Project Title: A Proposed Parental Leave Program for the Philippines
Dr. Emily Sanchez Salcedo is a lawyer and professor at the Commercial Law Department of the De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila. Prior to handling a full-time teaching position at DLSU, she was affiliated with several law firms and took on other academic endeavors for over a decade. Dr. Salcedo received her Doctor of Juridical Science from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in the United States under a Fulbright scholarship. She also received various scholarships which helped her obtain her Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Commerce from St. Scholastica’s College, Juris Doctor from the Ateneo de Manila University, and Master of Laws from San Beda College. She has published books and peer-reviewed journal articles focusing on gender equality in the workplace and women’s legal rights.

US affiliation: University of California, Berkeley