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Franz Calanio

Franz Calanio Franz Calanio

Franz Erick is completing a degree in social sciences with a specialization in anthropology and political science from the University of the Philippines, the country’s premier national university. He hails from the University of the Philippines Baguio, the university’s campus in the North.

As an undergraduate anthropology student, he is developing his expertise on Indigenous studies. He hails from the Cordillera, the home of many Indigenous peoples in the country. He desires that his education will be utilized in advancing the advocacy for Indigenous Peoples rights. His goal in the Fulbright Global UGRAD program is to find inspiration and build networks for his research that he will be starting once he is back in his home university. He also aims to share the stories of struggle and resistance of the Cordillera people along his journey, and promote the advocacy of defending ancestral lands.

Aside from Indigenous studies, Franz is also interested in developing his expertise in museology and urban anthropology, fields which he considers specializing in.

Outside the academe, Franz is a known student leader and a youth volunteer. He has organized several campaigns, programs and activities for youth empowerment and for students’ rights and welfare. He is elected as chairperson of the broadest alliance of student councils in the Cordillera and convenes a separate network of organizations solely dedicated to disaster management.