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Jam Lopez

Jam Lopez Jam Lopez

Home Institution: Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila

Host Institution:

Award Name: Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD)

Discipline: Psychology

Award Year: 2023

Jessica Jamimah Lopez, better known as 'Jam' is an undergraduate student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila, majoring in Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Since high school, she’s been engaged in various organizations that advocate for science and technology that genuinely serves the people and recognizes the role of the youth in fighting for climate justice. As a Psychology major, she also works as a volunteer in a free teleconsultation platform to make health care – especially mental health – more accessible. She’s also an ambassador of an education-innovation company that focuses on providing real-world learning experiences to the youth in the APAC region. She believes that one of the major ways to improve life is to have a proper, humane, and accessible education both in the context of education systems and social awareness. To be part of Global UGRAD is an opportunity for her to understand and experience the quality of education in a different setting as well as engage herself in different cultures that would give her more knowledge of the world’s realities.

As an adventurous person, she loves activities that take her breath away such as parasailing and paragliding. During her free time, one of the things that makes her happy is solving puzzle cubes – from the simplest to the most complicated ones. This is her favorite thing to do because of how similar it is to life; no matter how complicated, you will always find a way to unravel it.