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Justine Mulig

Justine Mulig Justine Christian Mulig

Justine Christian H. Mulig is a researcher at the Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization Division (PGRCUD) of the Philippine Coconut Authority-Zamboanga Research Center (PCA-ZRC).

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Biotechnology (Crop Biotechnology) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. He worked on various projects at PCA-ZRC including somatic embryogenesis, embryo culture, and DNA-marker-based identification in coconut. He is a goal-driven aspiring scientist pursuing a career in agricultural research and development.

As a Fulbright scholar, he will pursue his master’s degree in Horticultural Sciences at North Carolina State University under Dr. Wusheng Liu’s laboratory. Working towards making a difference in the Philippines' agricultural sector, he is eager to learn and explore new ideas and perspectives in solving perennial problems in the country.

He is an introvert who loves the outdoors. He loves exploring new places, hiking, and basking in nature.