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Marilyn Rimando

Rose Rementina Marilyn Rimando

Home Institution: University of Santo Tomas

Host Institution: University of California Merced

Award Name: Fulbright Advanced Research and University Lecturing Program

Discipline: Cell and Developmental Biology

Award Year: 2023

Marilyn is affiliated with the Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science of the University of Santo Tomas. She is currently teaching Animal Developmental Biology and Histology courses. Her Ph.D. dissertation explored the mechanistic effect of glucocorticoids on the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to bone cells. Her current interest is to further understand the link between bone cells and immunity. As a Fulbright awardee, she will collaborate with Dr. Jennifer Manilay of UC Merced to learn new skills and techniques, establish collaborative projects on osteoimmunology, and share these learnings with future researchers and students.