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Nicolle Puspus

Nicolle Puspus Nicolle Puspus

Nicolle Kelly “Nics” N. Puspus is a driven individual in her third year of pursuing a BA in Psychology at Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU). She passionately advocates for educational equity and access to opportunities for career growth and development, as evidenced by her role as the president of the CDU Psychology Society. In her position, Nicolle finds ways to connect different organizations and universities with CDU to provide academic and career opportunities for her fellow Psychology students.

As a Fulbright scholar, Nicolle is excited about learning how universities abroad craft programs and activities for their students and create a sense of community within the campus. She also intends to volunteer her time to serve organizations promoting educational equity. Nicolle hopes to bring back the knowledge she gains to the Philippines to provide better access to education and career development for students in her community. Aside from that, Nicolle plans to freely explore her love for music, soccer, and art history as she spends a semester as a Fulbright scholar in the US.

Nicolle's dedication to her studies is evident in her academic achievements. She has been a consistent academic honor student at her University. In addition to her academic pursuits and advocacies, Nicolle also enjoys taking time for self-care and relaxation. She loves to read mangas, watch anime and Korean dramas, play video games, and embroider flower patterns. When she is not busy with her hobbies or academic commitments, Nicolle likes to catch up on sleep or listen to Taylor Swift's music on repeat.