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Sally-Mae Abelanes

Sally Abelanes "Sally-Mae Abelanes is a board certified Emergency Physician in the Philippines with passions in pre-hospital and disaster medicine. She graduated from BS Medical Technology in Saint Louis University Baguio and later on pursued her dual post-graduate degree in Medicine and Business Administration at Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health.

She later on furthered her training by going into Emergency Medicine Residency at The Medical City. She always knew that Emergency Medicine was the line of work she saw herself flourishing in. The fast pace and always expecting the unexpected gave her the drive and motivation to come to work with much enthusiasm. Doing rotations in the prehospital care and disaster response made her see the bigger picture that Emergency Medicine brings. It allowed her to see that medical care should not just be confined to the hospitals but should be brought down to the people. Here, I saw her passion for prehospital and disaster medicine.

Seeing that her training was not adequate for disaster management she took up her Executive Masters in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management at the Asian Institute of Management. She will now embark on furthering her training in the field through a research fellowship in Disaster Medicine in pursuit of her dream and passion of helping in the creation of resilient healthcare systems in the country."